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107 Black Velvet

Sire: Totally Tuned
Dam: Double Stuff/Angus

3C Here I Come H801 BZ

   Mr Black GX 6W
Meyer Ranch 734
   Miss GX 728R

   Traveler 23-4
   X580 (Angus)


3/4 Angus x 1/4 Simmental





Box Car Willie

Copus 24


Cover Girl

Cowtown's Dam
(Cowtown pictured)


Tequila daughter

DNC Gail Force G23

Sire: Bush's Flashback
Dam: Maine x Angus

Fatty Patty

Sire: OCC Doctor 940D
Dam: Masterfair Sara 935


GAR 6148 Emulation 1399

   Emulation N Bar 5522
Finks 5522-6148
   Finks Proud Formera 614

   GAR Sleep Easy 1009
GAR Sleep Easy 1074
   GAR Scotch Cap 199

GAR 6807 Traveler 1305

   QAS Traveler 23-4
DHD Traveler 6807
   Bemindful Maid DHD 0807

   GAR Precision 1680
GAR Precision 1013
   GAR Scotch Cap 109

GAR EXT 1566

   Emulation N Bar 5522
N Bar Emulation EXT
   N Bar Primrose 2424

   Tehama Bando 155
GAR Bando 13
   GAR Traveler 750

Haras Witchcraft

   Rito Ever 865 GDAR
Rito 2100 GDAR
   Blackcap Lady 999 GDAR

   Bandolier Eston Durness 42B
Schearbrook Joanne 1A65
   Schearbrook Joanne N254


Herfetta 45

HF Lucky Strike

Smokem x Meyer x Cunia

JJ Endora 44

Little Ripper

Maple Lane Ever Entense 2079

   Traveler 124 GDAR
   GDAR Forever Lady 718

   AAR New Trend
Shadybrook Ever Entense 318H
   Sitz Everelda Entense 1137

MRS Vision 015

   Irish Pride
AHL Double Stuff 306
   AHL Stngrmyflwr II822

Miss Stinger 015
   Triple Oaks Lady Janet

Ms Perfect D148

Sire: LHD Mr. Perfect Y416
Dam: CJC Ms Supreme B266

Ms Perfect Girl

PAWS Up 7057 Juice 1235

   JR Juice Z005
Ken Caryl Juicer 1235
   Ken Caryl Queen Lass 7123

   GDAR Executive 727
GB Lovely 3063
   Miss GB Spock 5070

PAWS Up Bando Lady 191 2501

   Connealy Dateline
Vermilion Dateline 7078
   Vermilion Blackbird 5044

   Tehama Bando 155
HHF Bando Lady 650 191
   HHF Lady Sasquash 650

Rowe Ms Bomber 78E

   Pistol Pete
DJ Bomber B487
   DE 790

   PB Angus
Rowe PB Angus 78
   PB Angus

Rowe Ms Caesar 36CH (Sugar)

   Power Plant
DJ Caesar C328
   DE A48

   Sugar Ray
Pannell Ranch 36C
   PB Angus


Rowe Ms Databank 39CF

   DJ Bomber B487
DJ Databank D804
   DE Y40

   Powder River
Pannell Ranch 39C
   Pannell Ranch PB Angus 39

Rowe Ms Databank 84KG (Barbie)

   DJ Bomber B487
DJ Databank D804
   DE Y40

   GK New Dimension
Rowe PB Angus 84K
   GK Blackcap Pride 84K

Rowe Ms Draft Pick 1114EG

   Draft Pick
Rowe Draft Pick 626CE
   MF Ms Carrie 626C PCA

   Rowes Garth
Rowe Ms Garth 1114E
   Pannell Ms 1114A

Rowe Ms Draft Pick 42F

   ZTA NOR Tex General 156W
Draft Pick
   ZTA Blk Ruby 535P

   Rito 2100 PB Angus
Rowe PB Angus 42
   PB Angus


Rowe Ms Draft Pick 84KFL (Ashley)

   ZTA Nor Tex General 156W
Draft Pick
   ZTA Blk Ruby 535P

   N Bar Emulation EXT
Rowe Ms EXT 84KF
   G K New Pride 233P

Rowe Ms Draft Pick 88E (Ashley)

   ZTA NOR TEX General 156W
Draft Pick
   ZTA Blk Ruby 535P

   PB Angus
Rowe PB Angus 88
   PB Angus

Rowe Ms Habanero 42FJ

   Pistol Pete
FGJ Habanero
   JDA Miss Power Plant 19A

   Draft Pick
Rowe Ms Draft Pick 42F
   Rowe PB Angus 42 Rito 2100

Rowe Ms EXT 84KFH

   Power Plant
DJ Caesar
   DE A48

   N Bar Emulation EXT
Rowe PB Angus 84KF
   Rowe BP Angus 84K



Royal H 9216

   Band 234 of Ideal 3163
QAS Traveler 23-4
   QAS Blackbird Eve 601 1

   Pine Drive Big Sky
Royal H 9050
   Queen of BAR 5600

Soul Sister

Meyer 734 x Angus

TLC Hot Stuff

   Irish Pride
Double Stuff
   AHL Stngrmyflwr

   3F Rock
TLC Miss Ruby
   Phildon Diana 11th



Westwind Misti DJH 692

   N Bar Emulation EXT
Brusett Spectrum 62
   Brusett 8E8 232

   Westwind Rito 8503 DJH 019
Misti of Westwind DJH 287
   Landmark D8 9154


Principal Partners:

Exclusive Marketing Agent:

Double J Cattle
Jimmy James
Blair, Oklahoma
Office: 580.563.2626
Home: 580.563.2003
Cell: 580.481.0955

Mimms Cattle
Mike Mimms, DVM
Hereford, Texas
Rowe Farms
Gene Rowe & Paul Kuck
New Paris, Ohio
Office: 937.678.9015
Home: 937.437.0432
Cell: 937.533.1529

Craig M. Reiter
PrimeTIME AgriMarketing

PO Box 85
Elmore, Ohio USA 43416
Voice: 419.862.0117
FAX: 419.862.0119
Mobile: 419.350.9159

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